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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Receive Money from all over the whole world.

With ‪#‎WholeWorld‬ you have full freedom of choice, ranging from the selection of an upline partner whose invitation link you use to sign up for the project, and who helps you in the beginning, and to the choice of the people to whom you will pass the charity relay baton in future.
Firstly, you are not limited by your circle of acquaintances in this case. If you don't want or don't consider it necessary to tell your friends, family and colleagues about your participation in Whole World, you can avoid doing it! The entire world is in front of you, more than 7 billion people, among which you can easily find a few dozen of active followers.
And secondly, you have no restrictions on both the number of partners, to whom you can personally pass the charity baton, and the time during which you have to do it. Invite to your team as many partners as you like, and receive money transfers from people from the entire world as often as you want!

By becoming a ‪#‎WholeWorld‬'s participant you will be able not only to see the true value of the benefits of full freedom to choose your business environment and work schedule, but will finally realize that you are completely free in choosing your location!
With Whole World, you can run your business anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection available!
Who knows ... maybe in a few weeks you will be able to take a laptop and easily go on a journey of your dream.
Start enjoying your life today! You will not need to get out of this habit!

Let us help Semen to save his leg!
The family of Semen Belenko applied to us for help.
Semen is 12 years old, he lives in Saint Petersburg.
In May 2015 the boy was diagnosed with the Ewing tumor of the lower third of the right shin bone. From that moment long-term and hard treatment started. Semen received 6 courses of chemotherapy, underwent an operation for removal of the affected bone with endoprosthesis replacement.
Unfortunately, some time after the surgery there started, in plain language, a wound abscess in the area of the foot of the sick leg. This fact complicates the treatment of the major disease ; there is a threat of amputation of the leg. To save the leg a special apparatus for vacuum wound treatment is necessary. Municipal Hospital No. 31 where Semen undergoes treatment has not got this apparatus. Its cost is 1,032,000 rubles. The Belenko family cannot afford to buy this medical device themselves.
At present Semen is rehabilitating after the chemotherapy and overcoming the hard painful consequences of the surgery. Semen’s relatives believe and hope that they will manage to save the leg and continue treatment.
The Whole World Fund has opened fund-raising to help Semen. SIGNUP HERE TO HELP CHILDREN ROUND THE WORLD AND GET REWARD

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