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Get Massive Traffic for your Online Activity

The Traffic Challenge.
Imagine if you had the most amazing store that sold the most amazing products at the most amazing prices and you were in the middle of the desert nowhere near a road of any sort. How many sales do you think you could make? Exactly NONE!
This is your website with no traffic. Even a huge multi-million dollar department store would close if they opened one in the middle of nowhere. These stores are positioned in high-traffic, high visibility, densely populated metropolitan areas. How can you do the same?

The Solution?
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You need to

Online Shopping

Online shopping: Who procrastinates more, men or women?

(BPT) - The holiday shopping season is in full swing, which means malls are sparkling with lights and decorations, enticing shoppers to purchase loads of gifts for friends and loved ones (and a few trinkets for themselves). At least that's what retailers hope for. 
It should be no surprise that more of today's consumers are increasingly jumping online to do holiday shopping from the comforts of home, particularly during the holiday rush. In fact, 60 percent of consumers will do more of their shopping online this year than last year, with 35 percent indicating they will complete 75 percent of all their shopping online. Those figures are according to a recent survey of 750 U.S. consumers conducted by Talend, a data integration company.

That means e-tailers need to know who's shopping online and for what. E-tailers also want to know how often online shoppers complete their purchases, rather than abandoning thei…

Why Invest in Gold?

BitGold's mission is to provide global access to invest in gold for secure savings and transactions, making an extraordinary element useful and empowering again. Technology and progress are essentially a history of experiments with elements, and of experiments in cooperation.
At BitGold we believe that cooperation and investing in gold as a unit of elemental-measurement promotes a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity, and aligns prosperity within the natural limits of our planet. In an age of rapid change and limited opportunities for secure savings, we contend that saving and investing in gold can empower individuals and foster cooperation. By reexamining the elemental properties of gold, it becomes clear that gold provides a globally neutral, natural unit of account in relation to all other elements required by humans. The scientific properties of gold in our natural and human systems reconciled independently over thousands of years. We ask you to consider an al…

5 reasons people choose to walk to end diabetes

(BPT) - Nearly 30 million Americans are affected with diabetes and, if trends continue, one in five Americans are projected to have diabetes by 2050, according to the American Diabetes Association. However, thousands of people around the country are deciding to act and take change into their own hands by walking to stop diabetes. People walk for many reasons: for family or friends, as a challenge to themselves or in memory of a loved one, but the following five reasons unite most participants’ motivation to Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.
Exercise — Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a central part of diabetes management. Because of this, the American Diabetes Association developed the Red Strider Program to encourage people who live with diabetes to get out and walk in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Red Striders showcase the courage it takes to live with diabetes and demonstrate how one can lead a full, active lifestyle with diabetes.