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Saturday, 31 October 2015

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Online Shopping

Online shopping: Who procrastinates more, men or women?

(BPT) - The holiday shopping season is in full swing, which means malls are sparkling with lights and decorations, enticing shoppers to purchase loads of gifts for friends and loved ones (and a few trinkets for themselves). At least that's what retailers hope for. 

It should be no surprise that more of today's consumers are increasingly jumping online to do holiday shopping from the comforts of home, particularly during the holiday rush. In fact, 60 percent of consumers will do more of their shopping online this year than last year, with 35 percent indicating they will complete 75 percent of all their shopping online. Those figures are according to a recent survey of 750 U.S. consumers conducted by Talend, a data integration company.

That means e-tailers need to know who's shopping online and for what. E-tailers also want to know how often online shoppers complete their purchases, rather than abandoning their carts all together. Talend's survey also sheds some light on some of these pressing concerns.

Women are still from Venus, men are still from Mars
If John Gray updated his 1993 book today, he might add a chapter about online shopping. Women tend to shop online for 'softer' items like fashion (59 percent) and home goods/furniture (40 percent), while men head straight for the hard goods: technology (58 percent) and music, film, TV and gaming (45 percent).

Men are much more likely to procrastinate
This probably won't come as a surprise, but more than 30 percent of men surveyed wait until mid-December to start their holiday shopping, and 12 percent say they'll start scrambling the week before Christmas. In contrast, more than a third of women start filling their carts, closets and attics with gifts by Halloween, with only 18 percent leaving their shopping until December.

Why some shoppers log off with empty carts
Despite the many advances in online shopping, 85 percent of shoppers surveyed say they've abandoned a cart mid-purchase mainly for the following reasons: shipping costs (60 percent), the high cost of goods at time of check-out (25 percent), and long wait times to process orders (17 percent). Clearly, there are still a few disconnects between what consumers are looking for in their online shopping experience and what e-tailers are providing.
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Once customers lose interest, can retailers reel them back in?
Surprisingly, yes. A vast majority of consumers (60 percent) indicated they would be swayed by real-time promotions delivered while they were still on the site. Specifically, free delivery was noted by almost 35 percent of respondents as the top driver for completing their purchase, while a discount on the merchandise in their cart was indicated by another 26 percent as a motivating factor. If you're a consumer and you're not satisfied, see if the vendor's savvy enough to make it worth your while with real-time incentives.

We all know online shopping is here to stay. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner - as more people shift from bricks to clicks - consumers will demand better service and more responsiveness from e-tailers. While the process has come a long way in terms of creating a better overall customer experience, surveys show there are still areas for improvement .

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Why Invest in Gold?

BitGold's mission is to provide global access to invest in gold for secure savings and transactions, making an extraordinary element useful and empowering again.
Technology and progress are essentially a history of experiments with elements, and of experiments in cooperation.
At BitGold we believe that cooperation and investing in gold as a unit of elemental-measurement promotes a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity, and aligns prosperity within the natural limits of our planet. In an age of rapid change and limited opportunities for secure savings, we contend that saving and investing in gold can empower individuals and foster cooperation.
By reexamining the elemental properties of gold, it becomes clear that gold provides a globally neutral, natural unit of account in relation to all other elements required by humans. The scientific properties of gold in our natural and human systems reconciled independently over thousands of years. We ask you to consider an alternative view of gold's usefulness, one absent the emotive politics of money, fear and greed.

Elements, Oxygen, Time

  • Everything known to exist in the universe, on this planet, and even life itself can be broken down to 92 naturally-occurring elements, the basic building blocks of everything.
  • The elements, or combinations of elements (compounds) most desired by humans become known as natural resources, or natural resource commodities. All industry on planet earth, from farming to manufacturing to technology is based on the consumption of these resources; agricultural, fishing and forestry products, hydrocarbon energy sources, and metals.
  • Oxygen is the third most abundant element and enables life, but also reacts with many of the compounds we require, eventually destroying these resources through cycles. Over time, oxygen causes nearly every commodity to rot, tarnish, rust, or oxidize, establishing an expiration date or finite life for most of the things we consume.
The finite life of most compounds means that we cannot save what we need to survive beyond a limited period of time.


Gold - The Rarest, Immortal Commodity

  • Of the 92 naturally occurring elements, eight are known as the "noble metals". The elemental particles making up these eight elements are organized in a manner that makes them unreactive with air, or "immortal" as pure elements. Put differently, the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and gases that make up our air have no tarnishing effect on these elements through the life cycles of humans.
  • Of the eight noble metals, only four became broadly employed as commodities: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Of the four, gold is the rarest on earth and visually discernible due to its color and purity.
  • In day to day life gold is rarely preferred over other basic elements or immediately necessary commodities. Grains are more useful as food, energy sources for heat and transport, industrial metals for shelter, tools, and to distribute electricity and data.
  • None of these daily commodities last over long periods of time in their most useful form however; they are costly to store, costly to transport, or costly to reconfigure if they can be repurposed.
  • These perishable compounds and commodities do not last throughout the life of an individual either; a younger, physically able person cannot save the essential commodity surpluses for later and less able years.
Therefore, the storage and movement of the basic elements we need requires cooperation, and gold has been an important part of this cooperation throughout history. We'll explain how, but first we need to know a little about its cost and value.

Opportunity cost and gold

  • Because gold is substantially rarer than the elements and compounds we need to survive, producing gold requires humans to forego production of the more immediately necessary or desired elements or resources.
  • As an example of this opportunity cost, humans dig up a ton of average copper-containing rock, and spend all the labor and energy required to break it down, we are able to extract 5,000 grams of copper. For this same effort we would only get 1 gram of gold from a ton of average gold-containing rock.
  • Compared to our food and energy resources, we have to exhaust a lot more of these other resources in order to produce gold, all depending on the relative abundance of elements.
For this reason gold as an element remains cost-proportional to all other basic resources over time, even if all short term values fluctuate depending on local conditions or immediate needs.

Finding value in a unique element

  • Because it requires substantial effort to produce gold, and that we forego alternate uses of near term energy, labor and food to produce it, there must be important uses for it.
  • Relative usefulness is defined by the laws of physics, not subjective economics, and gold's properties and usefulness are significant. Gold doesn't decay or tarnish in our atmosphere, it conducts energy over long periods of time without breaking down, its density and malleability enable very small amounts of gold to be extremely useful in thin layers or small spaces, and its noble metal properties mean that it doesn't react with most other elements, meaning that it's purity, luster and radiance are effortlessly maintained through millennia.
  • These elemental properties define gold's usefulness as a commodity, a commodity whose cost will always remain proportional to the cost of other elements due to the earth's relative endowment.
These are the properties we found most useful during our experiments with the elements, but we learned an even greater use in our experiments with cooperation.

Finding value in an element that transcends time with little cost or effort

  • Cooperation and sharing enable us to produce more for everyone than we could ever achieve individually. Over time this cooperation is essential, otherwise young and old would have no way to survive; there is no way to produce for yourself when young, and no way store essential commodities for an old age. This is the basis of the formation of community.
  • The development of cooperation and trust requires a system of accounting for each community's production. It is wasteful, if not impossible, to bring all perishable goods to one place at one time for trade, and with no ability to redistribute or save a surplus.
  • The function of community through sharing therefore requires one of two systems: 1- a complex system of remembering debts and favors, or 2- (preferably) a lasting-intermediate commodity that can be exchanged over and over with very little cost, to be possessed in the interim of exchanges of the essential, immediately useful, but quickly decaying commodities.
  • Over thousands of years of experiments, civilizations consistently resolved that gold was the most useful element to possess and trade as an accepted form of value.
  • Gold's elemental properties afford this usefulness, as gold only needs to be produced once but is extremely efficient over time, it can be exchanged perpetually with very little cost compared to the cooperative value it brings.
Gold was first a natural resource desired for its elemental properties and usefulness, but one that eventually achieved the more important role of enabling widespread cooperation.

Gold is an elemental unit of account and elemental store of value; in the past, present and future

  • Gold's value as an elemental unit of account and store of value is both scientific and natural, as opposed to economic.
  • Interestingly, gold's ascension occurred before civilizations had the advanced scientific knowledge of its elemental properties. Humans productively optimized their experiments in cooperation by using gold as the basis for measuring value.
  • While systems of money and debt come and go, gold will always remain an extraordinary element. Data shows that investing in gold could provide security to depreciation in some currencies.
  • Gold's relationship to other natural resources is bound by the limits of our shared planet. All industry originates in natural systems, and any cooperative economic system should hold a unit of account anchored in these natural systems. Gold provides a pure, elemental measurement.
As we advance the digital age of global cooperation, individuals and communities will increasingly require globally relevant, globally accepted intermediate-commodities for savings and trade.
At BitGold, we advance cooperation among diverse communities by providing global access to gold; easily acquired, securely stored, global payments.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5 reasons people choose to walk to end diabetes

 5 reasons people choose to walk to end diabetes
(BPT) - Nearly 30 million Americans are affected with diabetes and, if trends continue, one in five Americans are projected to have diabetes by 2050, according to the American Diabetes Association. However, thousands of people around the country are deciding to act and take change into their own hands by walking to stop diabetes. People walk for many reasons: for family or friends, as a challenge to themselves or in memory of a loved one, but the following five reasons unite most participants’ motivation to Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.
Exercise — Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a central part of diabetes management. Because of this, the American Diabetes Association developed the Red Strider Program to encourage people who live with diabetes to get out and walk in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Red Striders showcase the courage it takes to live with diabetes and demonstrate how one can lead a full, active lifestyle with diabetes.

Empowerment The first steps toward managing diabetes and sharing lifestyle changes with friends and family take courage. In walking to stop diabetes, participants walk with heads high and are encouraged by fellow walkers every step of the way. “Two years ago I couldn’t leave the house, go in public or be around people,” says Jacinta Pericola, a participant in Step Out: Prescott, Arizona, living with type 2 diabetes. “Look what I did today. This has given me a purpose, given me a mission and I am so happy.”
Community — When people with diabetes participate in a walk, they join people from their town, county and state who are working to manage their diabetes every day. Red Striders join a community they might not have known previously existed. Friends and family can show their support by joining in and walking alongside their loved ones for a cause.
Fundraise — The power of Red Striders to motivate and inspire others living with diabetes can be astonishing. The result of walks across the country has been a hugely successful, raising almost $24 million annually to support the Association’s mission to prevent, cure and improve the lives of people affected by diabetes.

Family Fun — Anyone can join a walk, and sometimes the youngest participants are the biggest leaders. Take Cooper, diagnosed with type 1 as a child, who has turned his local walk into a family affair, “Team Cooper was the number one family and friend team and Cooper was the top fundraiser for Chicago last year,” says his mother, Valerie Christensen. Cooper proves that no matter what their age, everyone can make a difference.
Each year thousands of individuals get out and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others through the simple act of walking. Find out more at

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