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Lots of action coming your way in the Premier League this season

This season promises to be one of the most exciting in Premier League history, with some of the world’s most renowned managers taking up the hot-seat at several of the title challengers. Guardiola and Mourinho renew their rivalry in Manchester at City (title odds 5/2) and United (3/1) respectively, Conte (13/2) will lead the charge at Chelsea and Klopp continues at the Kop with Liverpool (8/1). The north London giants Arsenal (6/1) and Tottenham (10/1) will hope to improve on their efforts from the last campaign, when they lost out to the arguably the biggest shock in sporting history when Leicester (33/1) won the league at odds of 5,000/1. It’s not just big names in the dugout, as the brash Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic (8/1 top goalscorer) swaps Paris for Manchester to line up at Old Trafford, where he’s set to be joined by the transfer-record-breaking Paul Pogba, finally. Then Chelsea have added N’Golo Kante from the champions Leicester, and the promising Belgian attacker Michy Batshua…

Paid Social Media Jobs

You know Mark Zuckerberg, he is the genius billionaire who founded and is now the CEO of Facebook. Well his job is now to get more and more businesses to use Facebook, creating Pages, posting comments, uploading photos and videos etc.  He is very good at his job. Millions of businesses all around the world are flocking to social media sites like Facebook to do more of their marketing and engagement with customers. The problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort on behalf of the businesses to do all of these updates. Business owners don't have time to spend all day writing posts, uploading photos and replying to comments.  The solution to this is that thousands of people all around the world are getting paid by companies to do these simple tasks! It's a booming industry called Social Media Management, and because most people already know how to use social media sites like Facebook, you don't need any special training or experience! Click here to check it out.  Paid Soci…

Your Own Internet Business In A Box

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Now, I want you to imagine if

- you did not have to research a market

- you did not have to understand your audience

- you did not have to write any content

- you did not need to research and create products

- you did not need to create great looking blogs

- you did not need to create high converting review pages

- you did not need to create lead generation pages

- you did not have to create your own lead magnet and free offers

- you did not need to wri…

Quantum Success Secrets,Discover the right way to succeed in LIFE.

I don’t do a whole lot of reviews for self help products, but when I stumbled upon Quantum Success Secrets, I found the claims to be so fantastically absurd that I had to see the product for myself. I mean, I have a vague idea about quantum physics and how it relates to energy and particles and how the development of quantum physics has led to the discovery of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and the laser... but to use quantum physics principles to improve one’s life? Really? The brain behind Quantum Success Secrets, one Greg & Alvin pitches it as something that can “reveal your secret destiny with the power of the universe”, and I don’t think anyone would blame you for thinking it’s a bunch of malarkey.
If you can’t already tell by now, I was quite skeptical about the claims. So when I bought the product to give it a try, I was fully expecting to be disappointed, and I was more than ready to file a request for a refund the moment I downloaded the product. I was realistic in my …

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2016 Learning Trends on Udemy

2016 Learning Trends on UdemyMAY 26, 2016 BY  Check out the infographic we just released showing what people around the U.S. are learning on Udemy and the interesting geographic and generational trends we’re tracking. Are you typical of your age and city?


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So you’ve probably been banging your head against the wall when it comes to trying to get ranked on Google these days. You’ve tried all the so-called SEO courses, written blog posts, used Youtube videos - and even tried ridiculously priced software to get those much needed rankings. But even after all of this, you still find your siteno-where to be found, lost in cyber space, sitting in cloud 49...Sucks pretty bad right? Well don’t beat yourself up about it because it’s not your fault. When we first started out we were in your exact shoes, buying all the latest gimmicks and tricks that claimed to rank us on the first page of Google overnight, only to be left with a gaping wide hole in our wallets. We couldn’t make sense of it all until we realized...The solution was actually right in front of our faces the whole time! With Google’s latest algorithm updates, it’s now easier than ever to rank on the first page. Google has left a massive loophole wide open that can’t ever clos…

Is Online Business Good for YOU?

Written By: SiteSell Content Team in What It Means To Be A Solopreneur So you want to start an online business but you’re not sure where to begin That’s not surprising. The internet is full of advice, some of it good, some not so good. How do you sort out the wheat from the chaff? You’ll find lots of articles advising what to do. For example you may read somewhere that: You should start by buying the latest high specification computerYou need  a state-of-the-art home officeYou’ve got to write an “all-singing, all-dancing” business planAll you need is to register a domain, install WordPress, and start publishing contentYou should join a Mastermind group, network with others and then focus on joint ventures…. and so on. The list can seem endless, expensive, and overwhelming. Some advice might just raise alarm bells in your mind. You know how it goes, “that sounds too good to be true.” In reality, there are questions you need to ask yourself before you do o…