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Five technology-driven ways to get your small business on track this year

Despite all the chatter about how the Great Recession is finally over, many small-business owners aren't feeling it yet. In fact, although the National Federation of Independent Business ( reports that confidence among American business owners reached a three-year high in January, many are still cautious about hiring and spending. And if your business still seems to be on the trailing end of the much-touted recovery, you may be looking for ways to take control of your financial future this year.

With reduced resources to hire and train staff, pay outside contractors and also increase productivity, many small-business owners are turning to technology to help them bridge the gap between what they need and what they can afford. If 2011 is your year to regain financial footing for your small business, here are five key areas where technology can help:

1. Reduce costs and save money

Greater efficiency means less wasted time and money. Complex filing systems packed into sp…

One online dating tip you don't want to forget

These days, finding your soulmate online is just as likely as meeting "the one" through more traditional means. Online dating is now a widely accepted way for people to seek relationships.

As is the case with many things in life, the good comes along with the bad. While many people are finding love, a few are also encountering individuals who are visiting online dating sites for the wrong reasons - reasons that have nothing to do with meeting someone. As the popularity of online dating has exploded, criminals are using online dating sites and chat rooms to scam unsuspecting individuals with high hopes for a lasting relationship.

However, that's no reason to let fraudsters turn you away from online dating. As a money transfer provider focused on helping to protect consumers, Western Union offers the following tips to help avoid becoming the victim of a relationship scam:

* Never, under any circumstance, send money to someone you have not met in person, no matter how much …

l feel very Lucky

lam feeling very Lucky, but l do not know where this Luck is coming from or when it will arrive. But lam feeling real Lucky.