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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

One of the most powerful secrets that millionaires know that separates them from "normal" broke people

One of the most powerful secrets that millionaires know that separates them from "normal" broke people is that the people who are not rich focus on working for money. Rich people focus on finding "systems" that make money for them without having to work!

I had a mentor before tell me this very clearly ... "if you are trading your hours - or your life for money, then you got it all wrong" Why get rich when you lose your life, time and YOURSELF in the process?

The trick is to not focus on worker harder but focus on working smarter. Focus on finding the right systems that make money for you - without any (or at least very very little) effort while everyone else toils away!

One of the most powerful secrets is to look for things that pay out repeatedly over time - even if you exert effort ONCE.This is a God-send which I found in this very software and just LOOK 
at my account... and it's earning over and over for others as well:

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This is another reason I thank the Lord for having this ... if I 
ever go broke again (not likely but let's assume ok?), this is 
guaranteed to save my butt and make me a TON of money just by 
doing a few clicks or taps on my phone!

Like I said, even an ape or a chimpanzee can do this because you 
just fill in your name, age, etc and it's all private.

Take it for a test drive over here.

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